German and US Taxes and Business Consulting from Northern Germany

Mission Statement 

Clients are beset by any number of competing interests and obligations.
We see our principal mission in utilizing our best professional judgement to safely guide our clients through the labyrinth of taxes and regulations, so as to maximize business success.

We stand confidently by the advice we give when representing our clients before the relevant tax and regulatory authorities.

Of course we consider it our professional duty to offer the standard services of a tax consultancy as well (profit/loss statements, bookkeeping, preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns).

The client gains most by utilizing our expertise, so that in the process of providing standard services, critical business information can be extracted from the mass of data.

In this way, vital decisions can be made on the basis of the best possible information. We see our overriding task as advising and guiding you towards the realization of your business goals.

Experience and Competence

The accumulation of 35 years of steadily increasing professional expertise in the interrelated areas of tax and business consulting allows us to stay on top of the ever increasing demands facing our profession, and to thrive despite today’s difficult economic environment. This enables us to fully support our clients in reaching their business objectives.

Long Term Vision and Commitment

Subsequent to gaining extensive experience in the Hamburg metropolitan area, our accounting practice made the far-sighted decision to relocate to Schwerin in 1990 – shortly after the German reunification. Our commitment to serving client’s needs is evidenced by the steady expansion of our client base since 1993, and by our continual drive to expand our firm’s expertise and to improve quality standards. We value long-term relationships, which both our loyal clients and our employees will readily attest to.

Friendliness and Flexibility

Providing excellent service to our clients is the highest priority for our partners and employees. Our goal is to build long-term positive relationships with our clients, enabling us to provide sustained support for our clients, either along their individual career paths, or through their company’s various stages of growth or – if neccessary – problems.